What Is The Slim & Trim Weight Loss System™?

The Slim & Trim Weight Loss System™ is a doctor developed & doctor supervised weight loss system! The foundation of this remarkable system lies in Food Sensitivity Testing!

We have a saying in our clinic...

We Don't Guess With Weight Loss...We Test!

We test 96 different foods, in our office through a simple finger prick, to find out how YOUR body reacts to food!

This is our biggest frustration with "cookie cutter" / 1 size fits all approaches! One person may lose 5 pounds in a month and the next person may lose 20...following the exact same diet!

Lose 3-5 Pounds Per Week With The Slim & Trim Weight Loss System!

In addition to the Food Sensitivity Test, we also put patients on 4 supporting products to help with...

  • Digestion!
  • Inflammation!
  • Cravings (sugars & salts) & Appetite Control!
  • Blood Glucose Control!
  • Gut Health!
  • Sleep (you lose weight when you sleep)...You MUST Sleep!

For A Complete List Of ALL 96 Foods We Test...Download Your FREE Report On The Home Page!

Many patients ask how the test works and what it's actually testing...

We use a 3rd party lab that does complete analysis on the blood sample! They are simply checking the IgG portion of your immune system! This is the "delayed" immune response! The 10-12 hour response! NOT the IgE...or "Immediate" immune response!

In other words, without getting too scientific here, we're checking for foods that seem "foreign" to your immune system! Foods that...

  • Spike Inflammation!
  • Cause Digestive Distress!
  • Cause Headaches / Migraines!
  • Cause Skin Problems!
  • Lead To Auto Immune Conditions (i.e. Lupus, M.S., Thyroid Conditions etc.)
  • Promote Chronic Fatigue / Poor Energy!
  • Cause Weight Loss Resistance!

Our System Is Safe, Effective, Natural & Doctor Supervised!

The Slim & Trim Weight Loss System™ is clinically proven with thousands of successful patients all across the U.S.

You'll consult with me, personally, on a bi-weekly basis!

We'll Hold You Accountable!

We'll monitor your progress through 'State-Of-The-Art' body composition testing! (BMI, Body Fat%, Body Water %, Visceral Fat Rating, Metabolic Age etc.)

You'll also receive a Slim & Trim recipe book, 22 page procedure manual to help you KEEP the weight off once you've reached your goal, & a 60 day journal / daily log book to track your foods & successes!

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Dr. Vincent Saraceno D.C.
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Newark, NJ 07105

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